Stainless Steel Tooling

Made to order to your specifications.

You can be confident that Integrity Wire EDM's manufacturing capabilities for precision stainless steel work holding fixtures is versatile and of the highest quality.  Allow us to provide you the precise results that you need for either your conventional or your wire EDM requirements. Together with your ideas and our refined experience, we can manufacture a profitable fixture for you. We work with stainless steel, 420, 440 or powdered metals. All fixtures are vacuumed heat treated and cryo (deep frozen) for stability.

Stainless Steel Tooling services include:

  • Rails
  • V-blocks
  • Vices
  • Angle plates
  • Custom work holding tooling
  • Production fixtures
  • Re-Qualification of your existing tooling

Due to our respect of customer confidentiality, we do not display any custom stainless steel work holding fixtures.

*Please note that all stainless steel jobs are made to order to your specifications. We do not keep any stainless steel tooling services in-house.